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Gourmia GAF685 Digital Free Fry Air Fryer Review

December 13, 2020 | Review | No Comments

Gormia GAF685 Air Fryer

We didn’t get into the whole air fryer hype when it all began all those years ago. It wasn’t until very recently we decided to get one, when one of our friends started to send photos of their food cooked by their air fryer. We ended up getting the Gourmia GAF685 air fryer in which I review here.

What’s the size?

We knew right at the start, something we definitely wanted to do with the air fryer – roast a whole chicken. So size mattered for us, it needed to be big enough to take a medium whole chicken comfortable. It was quite difficult to find size information as they reported in all sorts of way – litres, fluid ounces etc.

So I’m going to try and help clarify for all of you. It’s advertised capacity is 6 US liquid quart or 5.7L. So what does that mean really? In terms of dimensions of the food try it’s – 13.75D x 11W x 12.75D.

Here’s a couple of photos to indicate the basket size.

What do you get?

The Gourmia GAF685 is a sizable unit, you also get a few accessories which is fantastic. You get a crisper tray, basically a tray with holes that sits almost the bottom of the basket. The food sits on top of the tray so it creates an airflow below and also prevents your food sitting in any oil or juices. You also get a multipurpose rack and 4 metal skewers

What’s it like?

The unit is stainless steel on the outside and on the top. There is a touch capacitive control area in glossy black. Personally I think it looks stunning, nice curves for a large unit in the kitchen.

What’s it like to use?

The food basket you just pull out and push into the main unit with the handle, there is no unlocking needed. If you’re in the middle of cooking, the device pauses the cooing process when you pull the basket out, and it resumes when you push it back in.

The control panel is pretty intuitive to use, a few presses and it starts the cooking process. When the air fryer has no power to it, the control panel is all black. As soon as there is power to the unit, you see a red sensitive button to press for turning the actual air fryer on. Once you press the on button, the options light up choosing cooking options, preheat and temperature/timer settings.

What controls look like when it’s on cooking

I’ve not heard what other air fryers sound like so I couldn’t comment on if this is louder than most or not. When the air fryer is on, I thought it was quite noisy, certainly nosier than the hobs extraction fan anyway.

The good thing about this air fryer is it’s very easy to clean, on the outside the stainless steel make’s it a doddle to wipe. The basket has a good non-stick coating, nothing that a quick soak in water can’t get out. Sometimes you get some flour in the bay where the basket sits and again, very easy to wipe clean.

What’s the verdict?

It’s easy to use, easy to clean and not a glitch experienced over the 6 months I’ve had this. The only thing I could wish for is for it too be a little quieter when it is cooking. I’d definitely recommend this air fryer, the shape of the food basket is perfect to get all sorts of food in it.