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Hornit Wayfair Helmet

Does your kid have a round head or looking for a helmet to fit an Asian head?

You won’t believe how many helmets I’ve tried on for our little 3 year old Jacob. He doesn’t fit any of this big brother’s hand-me-down helmets, nor any of the ones in Halfords. He does fit my adult helmet but obviously that isn’t suitable nor safe.


You might have heard of the the term Asian or Chinese head, and yes, we are Asian. Nearly all the helmets on sale are designed to fit the Western head shape – oval, longer at the front and back. His big brother doesn’t seem to have this trait lol. Jacob’s head is not I would call big for his age in fact, it’s pretty standard size – 49cm in circumference. The oval helmet shapes don’t even go on his head, it’s far too narrow.

I found a helmet that fits a round head

The brand is called Hornit, and the one that fit’s Jacob is called the Wayfarer helmet.

This is what it looks like and I must admit, I want one too! It’s so cool.

The measurements, we had purchased the small size from the Hornit site directly. It measures roughly:

  • 15cm diameter ear to ear
  • minimum of 13cm diameter with a maximum of 17cm, front to back which is adjustable using the dial

Just to give you an idea of a round versus oval fit helmet, I’ve got a photo of them side by side. I had bought a Giro Scamp helmet to try after reading some reviews. Sadly those reviews were not accurate as the helmet shape was oval which did not fit Jacob.

Left is the Hornit Wayfarer and the right is the Giro Scamp. You can immediately see the shape difference. So I hope this review will help people find at least one helmet for their kids who have an round head shape.