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I had bought the Dual Band Asus DSL-AC68U AC1900 modem/ router to replace the BT Homehub 5 on BT Infinity fibre broadband,  I was getting pretty bad dropouts and signal degradation through some bits of the house.

I had a nightmare of a time trying to get the router connected to the Internet and, in the end I managed to successfully connect it to BT Infinity 1.

You could go through the quick setup option but you’d still have to click the manage settings option to configure further settings. 

Quick setup option I choose was BT Infinity no vlan.

Here are the settings I used to successfully connect to BT Infinity.

Asus ac

Use PPPOE mode and


Password : bt

The most important setting to get it connecting was VLAN ID = 101 and ensure you enable 802.1q. 

The DSL Settings that I used that gave pretty good performance.

*** UPDATE 26/11/2016 ****

Please Enable G.INP (G.998.4) – BT have implemented that on some cabinets apparently! I managed to get an extra  3Mb on my download data rate.

DSL AC68U DSL Settings
DSL AC68U DSL Settings for BT Infinity
Line Stats
Line Stats


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  1. James McKinney

    Great guide Paul. It had my head fried before I came across your guide. Only problem I found was that when I updated the firmware from ver….3038 to …..3281, I lost the connection. Had to revert back to ver …3038.


    • Paul Lee

      Hi, glad I can help. I was in the same boat when I first bought the router, took so much time and research from pages everywhere to get it working with BT Infinity. So this one pager hopefully speeded things up. I’m still on firmware 3034 not tried upgrade yet in case it breaks!

  2. Steve

    Hi Paul
    Thanks for the guide. When I bought Dsl-ac68u ac1900 dual-band wireless vdsl/adsl, I never thought about having BT infinity 1 installed. Now that I do, can you please advise Paul, if I need to buy a seperate openreach modem.
    Thanks in advance!

  3. Steve

    Hi Paul
    Great guide. I am thinking of buying one these. Did you need to buy a need a seperate openreach modem for the dsl-ac68u ac1900 dual-band wireless vdsl/adsl 2+ gigabit modem router thanks

    • Paul Lee

      Hi Steve, thanks for reading. To answer your question… The DSL-AC68U has a VSDL modem built in so you would not require a separate modem. Just make sure it’s not the RT version which is a router only as opposed to the DSL version which I have that is both a modem and router in one.

  4. Paul

    Hi Paul

    Thanks for the guide, solved my non connection woes!


  5. Mark

    Hi Paul,

    Many thanks for your comprehensive guide, I’ve managed to get my Infinity 1 up and running without issues because of this. I’m upgrading to Infinity 2 next week would you expect any settings that need changing, my max data rate shows as 99 MB/s in the WAN screen so I’m assuming it will be ok?

    Kind Regards

    • Paul Lee

      That’s good you got it working without too much bother. I’m now on Infinity II and I didn’t need to change any settings on the router. However my downstream data rate is only circa 50,000 kbps which is roughly 48Mbs. So I’ve not managed to get settings to take advantage of the max rate achievable which is showing as 75,868 kbps (i.e. ~76Mbs for Infinity II) in the screenshot in original post. Let me know if you can do better than me, I’ve tried a few other settings to no success.

  6. Mark

    Hello Paul,

    My infinity 2 has just been activated today and I’m showing 75.14 Mbps with no changes to your settings.

    Kind Regards

  7. Keiran Roberts

    I’ve searched far and wide for solutions and you’re the first dude to nail it.

    You have my thanks!

  8. Dan Robinson

    Awesome page…. Got my router up and running using your settings whilst waiting for the BT muppets to answer the phone.

    Dumbhub 5 and Supershithub 6 are going on eBay.

    All the best.

  9. neil jarman

    wow ! ive been loing for a guide on the Asus router/modem for ages it has been sitting in my cupboard for ages because i couldn,t set it up ha! Now i,m running like a dream thanks ! B.T Infinity has never been so fast lol

  10. Mehwish Rubab

    look I have an old firmware , can I still apply your setting? work.. If so how do I do the last screen shot as I am able to do the first two screen shot instruction just fine

    • Paul Lee

      My firmware is and to get the line stat:- Under Advanced Settings go to System Log then DSL Log.

  11. Liam

    my line keeps dropping with it when i updated the firmware i didn’t factory reset it after the update. Could that be one of the reasons why it keeps dropping? its twice it’s dropped now. longest it’s stayed up for is 15 hours.

    • Paul Lee

      I would play about with the Stability Adjustment, there might be slightly more noise on your line compared to mines where i have used 5db.

      • Liam

        Thanks Paul it was the Rx AGC GAIN Adjustment since I changed that to default from High Performance it’s been stable for 6 days now. not sure why High Performance makes my connection keep dropping.

        • Paul Lee

          High performance probably tunes things for exactly that but if the line is already ‘too tuned’ then maybe that is why you’re experiencing connection dropouts
          This ASUS FAQS suggests using “Stable” if getting CRCs…
          Looking promising though if not had any drop outs for 6 days.

          • Liam

            Thanks for that Paul I did try Stable but got 2 crc errors on the down and 367 crc errors on the upload is that anything to worry about.?

          • Paul Lee

            Doesn’t sound like too much to worry about if you’re not noticing any problems. With 1 day and 16 hours uptime, I have 135 errors down and 1147 erorrs up.

  12. Mark Kesic

    Hi Paul, your guide was an absolute lifesaver even if I did initially screw up my powerline connections (felt so stupid), only snag I now have is a flashing exclamation mark telling me that my DSL line appears to be unstable, I have DLA enabled as default, will disabling this resolve my issue do you know?

  13. Mark Kesic

    Hi Paul, Think I may of just resolved by rechecking my settings against your guide, I hadn’t got stability adjustment set at 5db

    Great guide Paul

    • Paul Lee

      Brilliant you managed to resolve yourself, glad it’s all working.

  14. Leigh

    Thanks for writing up this guide, im tech savvy but not upto date with routers having used my HH5 since they came out. But your guide was invaluable. One thing to note for new users – On my first run through the ‘quick setup guide’ ‘BT Infinity 2’ did not appear in the ISP list and i was only presented with ‘BT LLC’ or ‘BT VC-mux’, it had me foxed as to why i had a DSL connection but no internet connection, even after applying your settings. I decided to go through the ‘quick setup guide’ for a second time and this time ‘BT Infinity 2’ was there, and is now working.

    Ive decided to give the ASUS a go having got fed up with the HH dropping our internet connection repeatedly recently and youview internet channels just dropping a lot.

    On a quick walk round our house with my phone im a little disappointed with the wireless (i joined the 5G network) and it seems no better at the extremities of our house than the BT HH, any tips on wireless?

    • Paul Lee

      I think the 2.4ghz band is better for distance and going through walls so more reliable than the 5ghz.

  15. Frank James

    I had problems accessing the Internet with Asus dsl-ac68u as well.
    Undid proxy server and checked 101 and 802/q and they were already set. I got a yellow Exclamation Mark. Reset the router and repaired the Firmware. Yellow exclamation mark gone. It now said connected to the Internet but still no access. I’m using it to replace a HomeHub 5 with BT Infinity 2. Looked at all the forums for a clue – no luck.

    For me the answer was simple – I changed the web browser to MSN and bingo it all worked. I then changed it back to and that also worked. So it could be mentioned as another suggestion to try.

    I can’t believe it will be that simple for everyone

  16. Keir Nellyer

    Thanks for the guide, found this to be extremely useful! :)

  17. Paul B

    Thank you so much. I purchased a DSL-AC88U and have spent so long messing about trying to get it to work. I can’t believe this is the only website with the information I needed.

  18. Salih

    Thank you very much Paul. This fix is still working June 2020.

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